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In a world of darkness and light, virtue and dishonor, courage and fear, magic and steel... in this world there is a war between the heavens and hell where great warriors fight for supremacy... fight to be known worldwide as the greatest champion there ever was...

In this version of Equinox, the ultimate objective is to be the first player to defeat the Manticore under each of the four character classes. The first player to accomplish this feat will be declared the winner of the game. The game will reset each time a winner has been declared to give everyone a fresh start and an equal opportunity to become the next winner. Latest winner: Zolon

Equinox III was created at the request of users who wanted the original Equinox to reset at a regular interval. This game is a clone of the original Equinox that resets on January 1st and July 1st each year.

Equinox V is a clone of Equinox I

Equinox VI is a clone of Equinox I